Due to the Coronavirus, COVID-19 disease global outbreak, we would like to inform all brokers,

agencies & charterers of our current booking and cancellation policy.

For customers who have made a new booking in 2021-2022 and who will not be able to reach our bases for reasons related to COVID-19 we offer the following possibilities:
– Change the charter dates, with the same boat or another boat, (subject to availability in our fleet). – Issue a voucher to the client’s agency equal to the net amount paid to us.
– Request a FULL REFUND of the amount paid to us, if the travel restrictions continue to be in effect during the 30 days prior to the start of the charter, ONLY if the FULL AMOUNT has been paid.

The modification of the contract, with the relative issue of vouchers, full refund or change of date, is envisaged in the following cases:
– Italy imposes travel restrictions from the customer’s country of residence, i.e., a LOCKDOWN or the requirement of a quarantine period (with proven documentation)

– The customer’s country of residence imposes travel restrictions in Italy, i.e., a LOCKDOWN or the obligation of a quarantine period (with proven documentation).
– The crew has contracted the Covid-19 virus, (with proven documentation – cases to be assessed individually depending on the number of people affected).
The cancellation of flights, if the borders remain open, does not justify the request for a voucher, refund or change of dates.

Conditions of Bookings subjected to change of date or voucher:

– The payment already made by the customer will be used for the new booking.
– The price of the new week will be calculated using the price list of the selected week and applying the price list discounts (special discounts excluded).
– It will be possible to choose any boat in any of our bases.
– If the new rental week is more expensive, customers will have to pay the difference.
– If the new charter week is cheaper or if the new week is booked for a smaller crew (by booking a smaller boat) the difference in favor of the client will be returned in the form of a voucher.
– The voucher issued is valid for: the booking of a holiday with a sailing boat or catamaran belonging to Sea-Folk Travel s.r.l.s.u. and departing from one of its nautical bases.
– The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and it is to be used for a new booking in the current or subsequent year.
– The voucher issued is to be used through the mediation of the customer’s agency.

For customers who have a voucher issued in 2021 it is necessary to:

– Book new charter dates, within the expiry date of the voucher, choosing the same or another boat, in any of our bases (subject to our availability). Charter dates are to be within season 2022.

In case of cancellation NOT related to official COVID-19 reasons, the following policy will be applied: till 2 months before departure 50%

till 1 month before departure 75% < 1 month before departure 100%

If the situation changes, we will review the current policy, adjusting it to the new provisions. For further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.