We love our job. We love the sea.

Since 1990 Sea-Folk is involved in tourism and sports connected to the sea such as: Boats rental (Sail Yacht charter in Sicily), Sailing and Scuba Diving School, sport competitions in national and international events for scuba diving, especially in Underwater Photo and Video Fishing-hunts.

Sea-Folk can provide You also with Sailing and Motorboats totally equipped for cruises and for scuba divers, starting from 10 meters and up to 24 meters in length. We offer the possibility to hire this yachts in bareboat or with an on-board dedicated crew. With us you will be able to spend your vacation visiting the Northern Coast of Sicily and even more… so as to enjoy delightful and unforgettable cruises around Sicily.

A sailing holiday is ideal for sea lovers or for those who simply want to relax. Sea-Folk offers its customers, thanks to its multilingual and highly qualified staff a full service of superior quality, from booking Your holiday to Your return home. We provide non-stop telephone support, SMS weather service, reservations.

The crew

Antonio Sparacino
+39 339 64 72 272
Italian English

Angela Infantone
Booking Manager, accounting
+39 348 85 56 825
Italian English German French

Nila Megna
Booking Manager
+39 335 76 77 280
Italian English German French

Irene Gambino
Booking Manager
+39 331 62 02 007
Italian English

Fabio Paterna
Base Manager Palermo
+39 335 76 77 260
Italian English German

Emiliano Bisso
Base Manager Portorosa
+39 333 31 37 210
Italian English

Giacomo Borruso
Base Manager Marsala
+39 344 13 91 355
Italian English

Felice Bondice
+39 391 12 50 166
Italian English

Felice Spataro
+39 334 24 96 219

Wassim Hajji
+39 391 17 45 291
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